Hair Removal

The Body Works! Spa at MUSC Health location offers you a variety of hair removal options including sugaring, hard wax and/or soft wax options to meet your skincare needs. Both men and women are welcome! The hair should be at least ΒΌ inch long like a length of a grain of rice. These methods of hair removal tend to lessen the frequency of hair growth, approximately every 3 to 4 weeks. Hair removal is offered on everything from Brows to Brazilians.


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A person in blue gloves is getting a leg wax.


This natural hair removal technique is very easy on the skin and produces an even better result. The licensed esthetitian must be highly experienced and skilled to offer this solution. The sugaring medium is made from lemons, honey, water and sugar. The sugar medium is applied to the skin and removed with the grain of the hair root.


A woman is getting a tattoo on her arm.


This technique has been around since the Egyptian era and quite a common procedure for hair removal. Waxing is used in soft and hard forms where the soft wax is removed with a waxing strip.