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Tamara H says: I am a repeat client and have referred several of my friends and will continue to do so. I had a massage with Amanda 3/2 and she was incredibly thorough and intentional with those problem areas. I will absolutely go back! 3/5/15

Marty R. This massage was great. I had done something to my back and had to go to Chiropractor.  My back still didn’t feel good so I scheduled a massage. I was in a lot of pain before I went. When I left I wasn’t in pain. It was wonderful. Do yourself and your body a favor and schedule one. 1/26/15

Mary W. Stacy Gainey did an AWESOME job. I had some lower back/hip issues that she worked right out and I left feeling like a new woman. I would highly recommend her to anyone! Can’t wait for my next one! 1/23/15

Kelly D. Heidi was great. Took care of all my tight muscles. Felt great the next day. 8/20/14

Lindsay A. I came in for a pain mgmt session on 03/13/2014 and could hardly walk from what I thought was a nerve in my lower back. by the time Heidi was done with me, I felt like a new person. I appreciate the knowledge that she has of the muscular system and the willingness to go above and beyond to help with future pains. Back to the gym I go! 3/14/15.

Tamara H says: I have had many throughout the US and without a doubt Sarah Schaeffer Gerschutz is the best ever.   She owns Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork LLC.    I promise you will not be disappointed. 12/18/13

Julie F says: I am a  regular at Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, LLC. I usually see Sarah, but Ericka is also great. Their office is a brick house on Second Loop, across from the lavender house-close to Hoffman and Hoffman. They are very knowledgeable in what they are doing. 12/18/13

Cathy R says: If you need more therapy type work, I recommend Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. 12/18/13

Brandon H says: Ok…. I just just got a massage from Sarah Schaeffer Gerschutz….. I thought I was in heaven for a little while. I will definately be seeing her again. We put out bodies through a lot in Cross Fit and highly recommend seeing her if u want to feel better. Thanks Sarah for helping me feel better!! 12/11/13

Katie M. says: Sarah and her staff are the best. 9/27/13

Lindsay S. saysSarah Schaeffer Gerschutz by far. Most amazing therapeutic, relaxing massages I’ve ever had. I always leave there feeling 100x’s better. So wonderful. ? 9/27/13

Hope D. says: By far, best massage spa in Florence.  9/26/13

Quandray S. says: My massage sessions always are great. Heidi does an awesome job on my upper part of my body. I recommend anyone to her. She’s knows what she is doing and takes her time with you. Thank you very much and I look forward to coming back every other Saturday. God bless. 9/25/13

Becky W. says: Tension headache disappeared. Erika was great at working knots out of my shoulders. Got lucky with appointment due to a scheduled cancellation. Wish I could have had an hour of pampering but 30 minutes worked great! Now i know why these ladies are booked! will be back. Becky. 4/27/2013

Marie W. says: I have been dealing with some minor running injuries for several months and after one session with Sarah my legs have not felt this good in months! Still work to be done so I’ll be back! THANK YOU for starting me on a road to wellness! 4/25/2013

Ann B. says: Ericka is a miracle worker. She attends to every ache and pain. She is knowledgeable and knows the right way to treat your specific needs. 4/17/2013

Greg W. says: After being side lined from running with severe shin splints I tryed everything, and when nothing really worked I decided to try therapeutic massage. The first time that Erika worked on me I felt immediate relief and have been going back every chance that I get since. I feel like the work that Erika is doing on my injury has gotten me back on the road to a speedy recovery. What a great way to spend a Saturday!!! 4/2/2013

Aline E. says: After a long, stressful week of teaching, Heidi did wonders to take the tension knots out of my neck and back. It was wonderful. Heidi listened to my needs and adjusted her techniques to exactly what I wanted. Thanks Heidi !!! I’ll be back soon! All good! 3/10/2013

RP I. says: Write your review. I rate my session 10 out of 10. My back and shoulders were in knots and kinks. Big difference afterwards! All good. Getting Back in the Game. 3/3/2013

Rod J. says: Ericka was great! Two days after my first first sports massage and I’m seeing a lot of improvement in my mobility and a significant decrease in pain while training. As a CrossFit athlete getting ready for the open competition I will be paying Ericka a few more visits over the next few week. Thanks!! Finally, feeling better! 2/28/2013

Tonya M. says: Because of the nature of my job, I’m confined to a desk & computer most of the day. I’ve been feeling a lot of tension and pain in my left shoulder for some time now. Thanks to Amanda, I’m feeling better. I’ll definitely be back! It was Great! 2/23/2013

John M. says: My wife and I had a couples massage it was wonderful! 2/17/2013

Tamara H. says: AWESOME! My husband and I greatly enjoyed the couples massage! Heidi was absolutely wonderful and incredibly attentive to my “problem” areas while Sarah gave immense focus to my husband’s “trouble” areas. Without any doubt, we will both be back as this is the only place in Florence we visit for massages. They are incredibly focused and really hone in on any problem areas so we highly recommend their services. Until next time…2/5/2013

Kyja L says: Excellent massage. Sarah was informative and so knowledgeable about the body. I learned some very valuable information going forward on how best to take care of my problem areas. Also, doing an in home massage was the answer to my schedule as well. The service was a HUGE blessing.

Jeff J. says: Very informative. Had my first session with Ericka yesterday to relieve some pain in my back and shoulder. In addition to the pain relief, Ericka took the time to explain to me the muscles that were causing me the pain and how the connected to various parts of my body. No therapist ever took the time to explain those things to me before. This information should allow me to change my habits going forward to reduce this pain. Great session! 8/30/2012

Ashley W says: I have a very active job and lifestyle and as a result I have areas of pain. Sarah’s expertise is so amazing that she could target those problem areas and create a very relaxing soothing environment. She is the most knowledgable, skilled and talented massage therapist that I have ever been to see. 4/4/12

Joe M says: I have a chronic problem with muscles and nerves in my lower back. The most recent flare-up has lingered for a week or more. Ericka has helped me tremendously, and I will continue to use her services. 3/12/12

Amy C says: After my massage with Ericka yesterday, my fibromyalgia pain has decreased significantly. Her careful attention to the special needs of the FM body was impressive, and she zeroed in on the trouble spots with ease ans skill. Even if the benefits only last a few days, this kind of pain relief is well worth it. 11/3/11

Jim E. says: Therapeutic massage rocks! Just to let you know, I feel excellent after that session! It was better than any chiropractic session for sure. Feel like things were right! 9/2/2011

Kali K. says: Ericka gave me a pre-natal massage and it was so good. She knew what she was doing and worked on all my tight muscles. It was very comfortable and relaxing. Thanks so much Ericka! 7/23/2011

Germina S. says: Great Job! I was so happy that iI could be seen on short notice. The massage work and took care of my pain. I would definitely recommend.3/07/2011

Connie H says: FABULOUS!! Best massage I have ever had. Hard to put into words the relaxed feeling. HIGHLY recommend!! Connie H. 1/20/2011

Kathy Campbell says: “My doctor recommended that I schedule a massage with Sarah because of neck pain. Since he went to Sarah for massage himself, I thought it was a good endorsement! Now my neck pain is gone and other problems have greatly diminished. I highly recommend Sarah’s work.” 6/25/10

Eric Lee, Owner & Coach, says: As the owner and head coach of the Florence Fight Farm I can say Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork will help all athletes perform better. Sarah’s knowledge will not only help you w/any current issue plaguing you, she will develop a custom form of treatment to prevent the issues from reoccuring. She tackles your issues w/an amazing level of understanding of human anatomy and how it relates to massage therapy. She doesnt try to offer you a quick fix, she gets to the root of the problem & works to correct it. Her professionalism & dedication makes Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork a place I’d reccomend to anyone. So for all you broken down, injury plagued athletes out there – “Yes, She can Rebuild You”.