In-Office Services


Pain Management

This treatment helps relieve or reduce pain for many common, chronic medical and orthopedic conditions such as migraines, back or neck pain, sciatica, whiplash, athletic injuries and more. The session will begin with a brief postural and pain assessment and may include techniques like trigger point and myofascial release, stretching to help attain maximum relief and neuromuscular therapy.

Well-being Massage

This ‚Äúclassic‚ÄĚ massage is performed with light to deep pressure and is used to reduce muscular tension, soothe sore muscles and increase circulation. Scented or unscented oil or lotion will be used.

Mobile Massage

A customized session where we bring therapeutic massage to your home, office or hotel location. We will bring all equipment and supplies. $25 travel fee included. Visit our Mobile policy for more information.

Corporate/Event Massage & Wellness

Ready to improve your health care costs, employee retention and morale? Call us to start a corporate chair massage program or organize a special event. Or let us help you make your event a success with therapeutic massage and/or spa services. Price and services vary.

Couples Session

Pick any two services for you and another person to receive them in the same room at the same time. A great way to celebrate a special occasion together. Rates available upon request.

Pre-Natal/Post-Partum Massage

This session is highly specialized treatment performed in the side-lying position. Extra care is taken to assure comfort and proper positioning for you and/or the growing baby. It is always a good idea to check with your doctor before receiving a massage.

Sports Massage & KinesioTape Therapeutic Taping

With Sports Massage, the therapist will work on those tight, sore and aching muscles, either before or after exercise or work. This session will include stretching techniques, deep muscular compression and bodywork.

Therapeutic taping is beneficial for the following: posture control; joint function; decreasing pain and swelling; and increasing or decreasing muscle tone. We provide the tape. Price listed is per taped/injury area. Available only in Florence with Sarah Gerschutz.

Aromatherapy Massage

The use of essential oils with massage therapy enhances your healing potential. Choose your own blend of aromatherapy for the session. Start with an aromatic foot soak while the room begins to fill with your chosen scent. The therapist will complete the session with a full-body massage using your blended scent, such as lavendar, peppermint or eucalyptus.

Sticks and Stones Healing

The application of Warm Bamboo Sticks and/or Stones upon the body and on painful areas can be very helpful with healing and pain reduction. The soothing warmth penetrates deep into the layers of your muscles, while the therapeutic massage enhances circulation and lymph flow.

Spa Services

Our spa services provide you extra comfort and relief. The Heaven and Earth session begins with a relaxing mineral footbath to soften your soles and prepare for foot reflexology and sea salt or sugar scrub. End in heaven with a sea salt or sugar scrub for your hands and a stress relief massage for your head, neck and shoulders. The scrubs will exfoliate, detoxify and remineralize your skin. Or try our soothing Warm Paraffin (wax) Dip  for your hands and/or feet. Once the warm wax is on, the area will be wrapped in a towel and ready to be removed in ten minutes.

Oncology Massage

Massage therapy is beneficial for current oncology patients and/or survivors! Book this session with our Oncology Massage trained therapist and let us customize the session to your specific health needs. Your therapist will take a health history, position you in the most comfortable manner and use the massage techniques best suited for you.


Reflexology is based on the Chinese meridian theory that energy pathways flow throughout the body and that manipulation of these channels will aid healing. Start with a relaxing mineral footbath to soften the sole. The therapist will apply acupressure to various hand and foot reflexology points to stimulate energy flow, revitalize and balance the body. You may also add this service to any other service.

Add-On Services

There are a variety of services that you may add to a session to customize your session and provide you with the most health benefit. Soothing Warm Paraffin (wax) Dip for your hands or feet. Once the warm wax is on, the area will be wrapped in a towel and ready to be removed in ten minutes. Reflexology is a beneficial add-on for any bodywork to enhance your energy. Warm Bamboo Sticks and Stones are a perfect compliment to your bodywork session, too. Aromatherapy is the ideal add-on for a fully customized session.

Note: A therapeutic massage chair can be used for most of services instead of a massage table.
Please advise the therapist ahead of time if you prefer the chair.