49th Annual Women in Business Celebration: Beneath the Mask!

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Thanks for visiting our website and hope you thoroughly enjoyed the Greater Hartsville Chamber of Commerce’s 49th Annual Women in Business Celebration and the presentation “Beneath The Mask.”  I am so humbled to have the opportunity to share in the fun with you. As promised, you will find some excerpts from the presentation, fun pictures and our special gift to those who attended at the very bottom. For those who weren’t able to make the event, feel free to read through a quick, pictorial overview of the presentation and mark the date on your calendar for next year. You don’t want to miss it.

Lady Gagas Finest            carl jung

Lady Gaga’s Finest Masks! These are not the typical Halloween masks we see and definitely not masks that Carl Jung – famous for his personality archetypes theories – suggested we wear as part of our persona. Instead, he suggested that our persona represents all the masks we wear in societal situations. We typically think of masks with negative connotations and use common idioms like “save face” or “that was just a front.” However, our masks and faces we put on can be very beneficial to our daily lives and function.


Facebook is one of history’s most popular and global “Persona Canvas!”  You paint what you want others to see. Ironic name, huh?

duck face pics

Oh, in case you didn’t know about duck-faced selfies, here are some fun pics. Aren’t they so beautiful?

Ericka and DrummerLuke Bryan

The Body Works! (whooo) LLC provides health and wellness solutions to organizations and individuals. Visit The Body Works! website for more info. Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork LLC, part of The Body Works!, has multiple locations in Hartsville and Florence and provided therapeutic massage services to Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan bands at the Florence Civic Center. Whoo! And here are the arms and jeans, as promised. Are you a fan yet?

luke armsluke bryan dancing pics - Google Search

Often times celebrities have an entertainer persona that enables them to do their job ridiculously well. When he realized I had no idea who he was, he didn’t need that persona anymore. Persona’s shift as our situations shift. These can be perfect opportunities to discover our own masks.

Braveheart Painted Face

This was about my exact expression when I saw that I had painted face red, white and blue in front of the GE Global Security Leader. Now, that was inside out? Messed up? Albert Einstein said that “Humanity is going to require a substantially new way of thinking if it is going to survive.” If you choose to live from the heart, not create barriers and accept your circumstances, you are choosing to live from the inside out. That’s a new way of thinking! Live inside out in our outside in world!

cannot change

Embrace who you are at the core. Embrace the masks you wear. If you don’t like something, own it and change it. Get help. Jim Carey said, “Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.” When you think that life happens for you, circumstances become blessing and/or opportunities. Life belongs to a grand purpose and plan. And that purpose is not about the outside world coming in but what is inside, shining out. What lies beneath the mask is you. All of your masks are still you. Embrace or change them, so you can live inside out in this outside in world.

15 offDon’t forget to print out your coupon if you attended the Celebration! It’s good for 15% off any service until March 1, 2015. Not to be used with any other discount or offer.

Many blessings, Sarah Gerschutz, M.Ed., LMT, CPT

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