Ericka Hahn’s New Ventures!

Please help us celebrate Ericka Hahn’s new ventures in North Carolina! She will attend school and be closer to family.

Ericka will be greatly missed and is an invaluable asset to the business and the massage therapy profession. Not only is she an amazingly talented and competent colleague but a dear friend and confidant. I have worked with many, many different people in my life and truly have never had the pleasure to work with someone as selfless, compassionate, hilarious, professional and willing to do whatever is needed to help out.

Her client interactions speak for themselves and she has received so many compliments and kudos that I couldn’t begin to tell them all. She has had the opportunity to work with physicians, physical therapists, college professors and even the drummer in Luke Bryan’s band (whoop, whoop). She has even taught massage therapy classes at FDTC and recently completed her personal training certification, too. I know that you all will miss her just as much we will.

Let us focus on the all the JOY and HEALING she has brought to us and all the blessings that she will bring to the next community where she resides. Please send along any thoughts to her, to me or on Facebook. If you are not friends with her, feel free to Facebook post on our Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork page (links to the right).

Her last day of appointments was Friday, July 18th. Misery loves company so come and visit us even if she isn’t here. We can wallow together. LOL.