Monthly Massage for a Year Giveaway!

How about a free Monthly Massage for 2013? Think how your health and well-being will improve! We are celebrating Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork’s Grand Opening starting now through Dec. 31, 2012, with this giveaway and discounts, gifts and loyalty cards for booked sessions.

To start, please Enter Here or click on the Rafflecopter Giveaway tab located next to the Maps tab on the Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Facebook timeline. It is so easy! Just enter some basic information and increase your chances of winning by completing one or all of the other entry points to earn more entries for the Giveaway. Rafflecopter helps you complete all of these with a couple of clicks. Here are some ways to multiply your entries.

1. “Like” Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork on Facebook. This is mandatory and you will be counted if you have already liked our site. If you do not have a Facebook account, see below.

2. Comment on TMandB’s Facebook page about the Giveaway.

3. “Like” this blog post.

4. Leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

5. Follow @TMandB on Twitter. You will be counted if you are already following @TMandB.

6. Tweet about the Giveaway.

7. Share the Monthly Massage Giveaway information with your friends. Just click on “Share” on our Facebook page post. This is where you will be able to rack up your entries. You receive one entry for every friend with whom you share the Giveaway. Just enter the total number of shares in the appropriate Rafflecopter field.

8. Pay for an appointment or gift certificate before 2013 to earn 5 entries per occurance. Book online now! This is worth 5 entries per occurance.

If you do not have a Facebook account, you can still enter the Giveaway. We will be keeping a master tally of all the entries and will hand enter non-Facebook users into the Giveaway.

Rafflecopter will help tally the results and choose the winner. The winner will be announced January 2 and their name posted on public sites. The winner of the Monthly Massage for a Year must be local and will receive a 30minute massage every month of 2013. That person can choose to combine their sessions into 60minutes for 6 months, if they like. They may also gift their monthly massage to someone. Each massage must be completed during that month and may not be carried over into the next month unless for unforeseen circumstances.

Thank you so much for choosing Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork to benefit your health and well-being. This is our first time hosting a Giveaway like this so if you have any questions, please call 843-413-5172 or email [email protected].